Shred Radio Ep. 12 – Sean Estelle

Sean Estelle is a climate justice organizer living in Chicago, IL. They have worked with many organizations over the years, including National Students for Justice in Palestine, Power Shift Network; and currently, a national volunteer elected leadership role with the Democratic Socialists of America. They’ve been sharing book reviews for over 2 years and this year they teamed up with Shred on the #ReadWithShred​ series! Sean will be hosting a discussion on the works of Kim Stanley Robinson on Wednesday March 17 as part of our week-long launch, Shred Fest #ShredRadio​ ID: Sean, a person wearing a grey beanie, glasses and a grey t shirt with tattoos on both arms, sits at a picnic table with their chin resting on their hand, a dreamy look on their face. There is an arrangement of pink, purple and deep red flowers to the right of them. The image is framed by a purple and pink space background with planets and a grid landscape in purple and teal at the bottom