Read With Shred 11: Revolutionary Horizons

Revolutionary Horizons: Past & Present In Bolivian Politics; Forrest Hylton & Sinclair Thomson (202 pgs)⁠


This was a breakneck look at nearly 500 years of history in 150 pages. The book focuses on indigenous and ‘national-popular’ uprisings + mobilizations and the political results that flowed from them. Culminating shortly after Evo Morales and the Movement for Socialism (MAS — Movimiento al Socialismo) came to power in 2005/2006, there is a lot of useful context here. But, it can be a bit too much to absorb for how short the book is. I would have preferred something a bit longer that was a bit more descriptive about the events.⁠

Sean Estelle – @chitrans_plant
Art by Sunny Grissom – @sh0p_rat

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