A picture of the view from Mt Kogenobu
The view from Mt Kogenobu

Goodbye 2020 – ideas for letting loose

“Beautiful things emerge when we make space and drop expectations” – Ruby Pinto

We asked our committee of scientists, artists, and activists their tips for letting off steam as we farewell a terrible year and say Goodbye 2020.

Enjoy a Moustachioed Hang (Eli)

Eli recommends dancing and music and feeling your community however you can this NYE. Our comrades at Cafe Mustache are hosting a ZOOM ROOM and CHAT. ‘Choose your own adventure’ with a Cafe Mustache virtual background, listen to live music from local DJs and the Chicago DIY music scene, invite your friends, and join the countdown.


All the world’s a stage (Jess)

Whenever the mood takes me, I’m letting my clothes be a kind of performance. Even if I’m the only audience. Last week I wore a pink boiler suit with high heels to the discount grocery store and went for a late night run in a sparkly sports bra and pleather pants while listening to hard techno. Clothes have become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy for me. This NYE consider taking a moment to be attentive to your mood while dressing to satisfy your self and no-one else. That may mean dressing for comfort and flexibility, it might mean manifesting as a much needed superhero. I’m attending my NYE corona-pod soiree wildly overdressed and I’m not even slightly embarrassed about it.

Patrick’s “Party Recipe”

Step 1. A little bit of sparkling wine. Step 2. A little weed. Step 3. Put on some wireless headphones and dance to techno Simpsons remixes. Step 4. Watch a random episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Step 5. In bed by 8 PM.

Ruby’s Intuitive NewYears thoughts.

Find time to move intuitively. Maybe an evening, maybe a day, maybe a whole week if you can swing it. No obligations to others, no being perceived unless you want to be. Get real quiet for a moment and ask yourself what you truly want to do, then do it! Maybe you want to clean your kitchen in a sexy dress with Erykah Badu’s “Mama’s Gun” booming from the speakers (a personal fave). Maybe you want to cry in the bathtub for a while. Maybe you want to write a letter to a loved one or yourself. Maybe you want to fucking sleep. Beautiful things emerge when we make space and drop expectations. Most importantly, give yourself room to have lots of choice, and revel in the ways you access joy, safety and comfort in any amount. 

We love and appreciate you… Happy New Years from the Shred Steering Committee.