What is Shred?

What & How?

Shred is an online magazine and think tank where artists, care-workers, scientists, and activists can integrate their talents to create strategies for creating a world centered around care, community, and abundance. This is a space for collaborative and experimental research and discourse geared toward action; a space oriented toward collaboration and away from domination. We produce a wide range of content and resources, including articles, memes, comics, artwork, curricula, tool kits, video essays, and podcasts as tools and inspiration for reflective creation, organizing, and political action.

Shred is a place for us to use our capacity for shared symbols and stories to build a global society of care. Our aim is to deepen engagement-with and draw connections-between the many communities and movements that have uplifted these perspectives.


We see the tendency to reduce the flow and motion of real life to static beliefs, concepts, and identities as a stumbling block on the path to liberation. Shred is dedicated to exploring complex questions through a dialectical lens, meaning (among other things) that we examine the dynamic and interwoven nature of life and society holistically.

From the monopolization of spirituality and culture necessary to build empires, to the white-supremacy of capitalism, a great amount of harm has been done through the manipulation of symbols and narratives. We believe our liberation is tied up with reclaiming and further exploring our reflective and symbolic capacities.

We are symbolic, narrative driven beings. We have to reflect on the fact that we can reflect. We believe it’s only through our reflective and connective capacities that we will ensure a thriving future for all life on this planet.

See our Dialectical Frameworks and Research Questions for more detail.